Gas scrubbers: our product range

Our company develops, plans and supplies gas scrubbers for the absorption and dedusting of organic and inorganic components of a gas to the values required for further processing of a gas stream and/or for compliance with official requirements.

As an engineering office for process and measurement technology with a focus on gas cleaning and environmental protection with gas scrubbers, we offer solutions for process gas treatment and emission reduction for all industries. We provide individual advice and develop problem-related concepts for the treatment of process gases, gases from suction and ventilation systems, flue gases, vapours and dryer gases, reactor exhaust air, etc. for our customers.

We plan and supply gas scrubbers with piping and field devices, complete units with control cabinets and cabling or offer pure engineering according to customer requirements. We use equipment from well-known manufacturers and only commission companies with the appropriate quality certificates as subcontractors. If desired, we deliver parts according to customer specifications.

Our scope of supply includes:

Gas scrubbing plants       

  • compact scrubbers
  • laboratory scrubbers
  • jet scrubbers
  • quench, saturators
  • flue gas scrubbers
  • jet fans
  • venturi scrubbers
  • packed columns
  • emergency scrubbers for e.g. chlorine,
    HCl and ammonia


We plan and deliver the plants among other things

  • compactly mounted on a base frame
  • installed in a container with pre- and/or
    downstream filters
  • as special solutions (individual planning)             
  • as Atex systems
  • as plants according to the
    Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • as single or complete systems (Package Units)
    incl. measuring technology, pumps, dosing pumps,
    automatic / control valves, fans,
    switch cabinet etc.



  • Thermoplastics (e.g. PP, PE, PE-EL)
  • GFK, GFK with liner (e.g. PVDF, PTFE, PFA, ECTFE)
  • stainless steel, steel with liner (e.g. rubber coating)
  • Special materials (e.g. alloy, brickwork, enamel)