Venturi scrubbers

Properties and applications of venturi scrubbers


  • High-performance separator among the wet separators
  • adjustable pressure difference (manual or automatic)
  • co-current operation of gas and scrubbing liquid
  • Fluctuations in flow rate permissible
  • insensitive to caking and incrustations
  • horizontal and vertical gas supply can be integrated into pipelines
  • low space requirement
  • adjustable version available
  • Mounting of a modulating actuator also possible from above
  • variable (length, diameter, design etc.)
  • can be combined with quench head
  • cost-effective
  • various materials possible, e.g. thermoplastics, GFK (also with liner), stainless steel, steel with liner (rubber coating), special materials (alloy, enamel), etc.

Possible applications for venturi scrubbers:

  • Separation of fine dusts
  • Separation of fine dusts and aerosols



Venturi scrubbers are characterised by their high separation efficiency and their great variability. On request, sizes deviating from the VUM standard dimensions are also possible. Talk to us!

Venturi scrubbers - Main dimensions (VUM-Standard)

gas inlet-
nominal size
gas flowrate
main dimensions
DN (mm)m³/h
A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)
200600-1200 1420960350240

Additional sizes (e.g. DN 600), larger load ranges and other dimensions on request.